This Too Shall Pass is an Interactive Fiction that has themes of horror with minor cosmic influence. You play the Chosen One, the former Chosen One in a world that tried to bury you away with all the other mistakes they’ve made. Once holding you up on a pedestal then throwing you away as soon as you failed.

WARNING: This  Too Shall Pass is aimed at a 16+ audience and will contain graphic depictions of violence and gore, strong language and potential mature sexual content (choice dependent). Trigger warnings will be listed and updated as I write.

You were only 13.

15 years ago you were trained and prepared and groomed to become the savior of the world, the hero that was written in so many stories. The hope of so many people, the pressure of them relying on you, it nearly killed you.

It wouldn’t be hard to argue that it did.

You now return to an old town that had been lucky 15 years ago. Facing something you wish you weren’t familiar with.

Whose responsibility is it now to save the world?

You who failed once before, or a 15-year-old who was pressured to learn from your mistakes.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(31 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsCharacter Customization, chosen-one, Psychological Horror, Text based

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looking forward to the next chapter :)))) that was epic


Holy hell this  was such a great start! I love the prologue to this- it's so eerie, and conveys the feeling of mystery really well. It was also extremely vivid in a murky sort of way, if that makes sense?? Like, I could formulate a vague sense of the setting, though the writing made everything so foggy I could only come up with hazy outlines until you reached the segment with the fire. And good god do I love the segment with the fire. I just think it's so well written, what with the fire's seemingly friendly, caring façade suddenly melting into this sinister realization of 'Oh, this is bad actually.' I can't wait to see more!!


Oh boy what a great start. The MC entered a fog, and that's where you've left us :o
Looking forward to the next chapter!